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To: All busy podiatrists in Singapore

Re: How to become the TOP authority


Dear Busy Podiatrist,

Do any of the following statements apply to you?

  • You have a waiting room filled with outdated magazines. You KNOW that your waiting room’s atmosphere is stale… and it’s not about smelly feet. You KNOW you need to update it… You KNOW you can get more business…BUT….You don’t know where to start!
  • You have a list of customer emails but have not contacted them in ages. You wanted to send out regular emails to build your business “presence”. This seemed like a great plan- Then things happened and you kept putting it off…
  • You want a monthly newsletter but have no idea what to write about. You find joy in solving your patients’ problems… not writing. You didn’t fancy writing papers in university, and you certainly don’t fancy it now!
  • You want your patients to see you as an expert and know you’re always there for them. Your patients would benefit from your expertise- BUT if only they came to you every time they had a foot problem…


A study conducted by Survey Sampling International (SSI) and the Research Intelligence Group (TRiG) found that over 40% of individuals complained that their doctors did not spend enough time with them. This suggests that healthcare professionals would have to stay in contact with their patients frequently.

As you know, competition for patients in today’s healthcare industry is intense. If you’re not keeping in touch with your patients regularly, someone else probably is. However, with all the workload to keep your practice afloat, the last thing you need is another task that takes up valuable time.

BUT every time you check, it seems as though your customers have gone back to their local GP instead of seeing the REAL expert, YOU.

Are you sure that your patients will contact you whenever they have a need? If you haven’t heard from them lately, maybe they’re working with someone else. Remember, there are other medical professionals out there.



Fast Podiatrist Newsletters Membership

Podiatrist NewslettersRegular Price $297 Today $?


  • What if you could have your own newsletter without writing a single article?
  • What if a newsletter showed up in your email every month, ready to be printed and placed in your waiting room or emailed to your clients?
  • What if every newsletter was researched and written by someone that understands podiatry topics, and the quality was 100% guaranteed?
  • What if potential clients are prompted to call you, whenever they have an issue and need a consultation?

The good news is…For the next 10 podiatrists who realize the value and potential of a high-quality newsletter, you can get everything I mentioned!

Fast Podiatrist Newsletters is designed to offer information and answer patients’ frequently asked questions. As your prospects come across information about specific issues, they’ll be prompted to call you for more information or a consultation.

Fast Podiatrist Newsletters offers you a unique advantage, allowing you to provide free information that people can look forward to receiving each month. Through YOUR customized newsletter, you can keep patients up to date on the latest issues in foot care. The steady stream of knowledge you provide will set you apart from your competitors and position you as a trusted adviser.

Regular Price $297 Today $?

HOWEVER…DO NOT restrict yourself to using it as an ordinary newsletter! Here are just some creative methods you can use to build more business… and become the most reputable podiatrist in town

  • Harness the power of social media (e.g. Facebook) to distribute your articles and promote interaction
  • Email the Newsletter to your client list… giving them your “personal touch”
  • Blog about issues in podiatry… and connect with readers
  • Publish a definitive guide on your website for easy information access

Of course, feel free to use it in any other way you can imagine which benefits you. As the saying goes, the sky is the limit!


“Who In The World Are You And Why Should I Listen To You?”

It’s great that you asked this… We are Refindme Pte Ltd, a niche marketing company that has been working with healthcare professionals for some time. From our conversations with healthcare professionals worldwide, we discovered ONE thing in common….

They all HATE writing!!

Even after explaining how a newsletter can help cement their relationship with current patients, create a readership of potential clients, and bring in more visitors to their website, it was clear that writing was still seen as a major struggle.

This is why we developed the podiatrist newsletter service that you are reading about. It was created with feedback from several of our clients who happen to be healthcare professionals and do not want to be bothered with writing a newsletter. We have received encouraging responses from our clients so we decided to provide them with another way to market themselves to current and potential patients.

It will be virtually impossible to find a more targeted newsletter service anywhere at this price. If you don’t believe us, you are more than welcome to look for yourself (At the time of writing, we are ranking at Page #1 in Google for “Podiatrist Newsletters”, with no other similar service found in the top results).


This Is What You’ll Get Month After Month…

Every month, you will receive a newsletter that increases your exposure to the local community. Imagine if anyone with a foot problem consulted you right away, how amazing would that be?

Regular Price $297 Today $?

Your “goodies bag” comes with…

  • A Newsletter. Professionally written and proofread, painstakingly designed, it’s exactly what you need.
  • Private Label Rights to the Newsletter. You get full rights to edit or change the articles and even the entire newsletter. Once you receive it, it becomes YOURS! Insert images; delete text…all up to you…
  • MS Word format. MS Word has got to be the most common and easiest format to work with..simply open, edit and print! (If you’re using Mac, you may also edit it in OpenOffice, a free program).
  • Stock images used for illustration. No acknowledgment needed unless otherwise stated.
  • User guide on customizing. You’ll be given instructions how to customize the newsletter, including converting to other formats.
  • Electronic delivery. Nothing gets simpler than this, check your email inbox on the 1st day of every month and you will receive your copy.
  • Support. If for any reason you encounter problems with your newsletter, you’re welcome to contact us by email!

As you can tell, this package is EVERYTHING you will need to position yourself as the No. 1 Expert in your area and build lasting relationships with existing and prospective clients!

Wait, Show Me A Sample First!

We know that many of you are itching to see what the newsletter looks like. Click Here and you can take a sneak peek into this top quality product!


3 Reasons To Reserve Your Spot Now

  • Establish yourself as an authority. Everyone will begin to see you as the “Rock-Star” of Podiatry!
  • Anyone with lower limb problems will immediately think of calling you for a consultation. You will be able to give prospective clients that extra “push” and “nudge” in your direction to look to you for help.
  • Past patients will keep returning to you whenever they have a new problem. You want patients to be reminded of your past service to them and not wander around to other clinics.

By displaying your photo, company name and logo in the newsletter, patients and prospects will associate YOUR name with the valuable information they receive. When prospects read your Fast Podiatrist Newsletters and need to take action, chances are good they’ll be calling YOU!

Regular Price $297 Today $?


Just Tell Me, How Much Will It Cost To Build My Reputation And
Multiply My Client Base?

Firstly, if YOU had to write your own newsletter…how much time would it take?

Every good article takes on average an hour to write. This translates to 4 hours for just 4 articles, not including the time spent on designing and formatting the newsletter!

If you earned $40 per hour from your practice, it would cost you the equivalent of $40 x 4= $160, just to write the articles. And the cost of hiring a graphics designer or marketing agency…perhaps $300?

But NO WAY will we charge you anything close to $460. We understand that only the Big Boys from the corporate medical groups may be able to afford such a hefty price tag.

So, for a limited time only, we’re offering a special deal… This deal is exclusively limited to the first 10 podiatrists, who are committed to growing their business and authority. When you seize the opportunity now, you’ll get access to this service at an Insanely Low Price Of Just…







That’s right, for just $3.00, you get access to our Exclusive Service.

Keep in mind that this is an extremely rare, time-limited offer.

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Furthermore, Your Purchase is Risk Free Because of Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

We want you to be fully satisfied with the service. As such, we want you to try it out for a full 30 days at Absolutely Zero Risk. If for any reason it doesn’t meet your expectations, you are entitled to a 100% no-strings-attached refund.

Additionally, you may cancel your subscription at any time even after the 30 days is up.

You may even keep all the newsletters you had received up to that point in time!


Our 30 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Your success is important to us. If you are not 100% satisfied, just let us know within 30 days. And we will refund your payment right away.

No questions asked, no strings attached- it’s really simple!

This is our guarantee to you!

Fast Podiatrist Newsletters

You Have to Hurry, Though –
10 Spots Only

In order to ensure the newsletter is unique and exclusive, we can only accept up to 10 places at any point in time.

Reason being, we want YOU to gain an unfair advantage- NOT to lose out to your competition! YOU will be building your business, while others are using old marketing strategies that simply don’t work…

This may sound cruel, but as this is an extremely limited, exclusive offer, we have NO CHOICE but to close it once we let 10 podiatrists in!

That is why… You need to ACT now.

$3.00 to get started in branding yourself… that’s probably less than what you spend on coffee every day! Why not put this small sum to work for YOU, building YOUR business? You will be providing immense value to your existing clients while attracting NEW prospects at the same time!

So make a choice right now.

How To Claim Your
Limited Time Offer Now

Step 1- Join Fast Podiatrist Newsletters.

Step 2- After completing payment, you will be directed to a page where you can download your first newsletter. Subsequent newsletters will be emailed to you on the first of every month.

Step 3- Customize and Enjoy!

Regular Price $297 Today $3.00


Warning…..Having Outdated Magazines in your waiting room Gives The Impression That You Do Not Care About Your Business!

Have you ever been in a waiting room and noticed outdated, old magazines? Have you ever seen something in a waiting room that you know should have been thrown away many months ago?

What did YOU think about that practice?

Let me guess – You immediately perceived that practice as less credible.

….The same thing can happen to you when patients visit your practice.

  • They EXPECT it to be updated.
  • They EXPECT it to provide quality information.
  • They EXPECT it to look modern and appealing.

If your waiting room is not on par with what your audience is expecting you will immediately lose credibility… your business looks as if it has been left behind. The worst part is, this perception will end up making you lose clients.

At $3.00, this is probably the cheapest, most effective method of doing branding.

Reserve your spot now and you can be part of this EXCLUSIVE membership!

At your service,

Fast Podiatrist Newsletters


P.S. Don’t forget your first newsletter can be downloaded immediately and comes with a 100% money back guarantee. There is zero risk for you. If for some reason you are not satisfied we will issue a 100% refund and you can keep the newsletter for FREE.

P.P.S. After we’ve reached 10 orders, we have to close the order link, as we want the newsletter to remain EXCLUSIVE and UNIQUE.

Regular Price $297 Today $3.00

Special Limited Time Offer Details:
You Can Join Fast Podiatrist Newsletters Right Now For A Special, Limited Time, Thirty Day Trial Offer For Just $3.00. After your Thirty Day trial period has ended, you will be asked to complete the monthly subscription fee of $23.95. Don’t Worry, You don’t have to pay the second installment if you choose not to, plus Your 30 day money-back guarantee remains valid at all times.
No Risk Involved Whatsoever. Enjoy Your Purchase!

(We reserve the right to end this offer at anytime without warning.)